We will be posting links to other policies adopted by the library board this space as soon as possible. Please contact the staff if you have specific questions.

Code of Conduct Policy Code of Conduct Policy

Computer Usage Policy (revised 4/2017)

Weather Policy

Material and Program Fee Agreement Policy

DVD Lending Policy

Policy regarding of the inclusion of website links on the website
Policy regarding the lending of the LCD Projector & Screen

Policy regarding the lending of the Public Address (microphone & speaker) System

Volunteer Policy and the application to become a volunteer

Gifts and Donations Policy (4/11/18)

Tabletop Game Circulation Policy (4/11/18)

Adults at Child Programs Policy (6/20/23)

Technology Plan (8/28/23)

Book Challenge Form (8/28/23)

Collection Management Policy (8/28/23)

Unattended Child Policy (9/26/23)

Book A Librarian Policy (9/26/23