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Beacon Falls Public Library patrons have two ways of independently requesting a title that is not currently on our shelves. You may also contact the library by phone 203-729-1441 or email to ask the librarians to order the title for you.

Bibliomation allows patrons with an active, clear library card to request a book, CD or DVD from participating Connecticut libraries. Materials requested through Bibliomation, if available at a lending library, take an average of one week to arrive and you will be notified by phone, email, or text message. The materials will be on the hold shelf behind the circulation desk. Materials that are not picked up will be sent back after one week after you are notified. Due dates for the materials start from date of pick up.


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If a patron cannot find the title they are searching for through Bibliomation, they may still be able to request a title through the interlibrary loan services that allows our patrons access to iConn’s Statewide Library Catalog. (UNAVAILABLE UNTIL LATE OCTOBER – NEW SYSTEM BEING DEVELOPED) As with Bibliomation, you will be contacted as soon as the material arrives and materials that are not picked up will be sent back after one week. Due dates for these materials also start from date of pick up. If a title is a recent publication and we do not have it in our collection, we may not be able to borrow it from another library this way. You may contact our library director to see if it is one that can be considered for purchase for the collection.


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