Letters for Our Library Scrabble Challenge

The Seventh Annual Scrabble Challenge will be held on Thursday, March 19, 2015 at 6:00 PM at St. Michael’s Church Lyceum, 25 Maple Avenue, Beacon Falls. Proceeds from the event benefit the short-term needs of the library and its building fund.

Interested in learning how it all works? Click here for the rules, scoring information and MORE.

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Results of previous Scrabble Challenges

First Place Team/Score
Second Place Team/Score
Third Place Team/Score
Best Organization Score
March 27, 2014
Letterheads (3784)
Girls Night Out (3751)
Word Junkies (3688)
Rotary Club of Beacon Falls (3340)
March 21, 2013
Letterheads (3804)
Word Junkies (3499)
Scribble Scrabbles A Team (3317)
Rotary Club of Beacon Falls (2509)
March 22, 2012(photos)
Mom Squad (4115)
A-TEAM (3296)
Monroe Masterminds (3273)
March 24, 2011(photos)
A Team (3260)
Girls Night Out (2746)
Letterheads (2435)
March 2010(photos)
Scribble Scrabbles I (2036)
Awesome 6 (1739)
Ladies Night Out** (1190)
March 2009
Awesome 6 (1189)
Scribble Scrabbles (1161)
Scrabbled Eggs* (934)
*Scrabbled Eggs team became Letterheads in 2011** Ladies Night Out team became Girls Night Out in 2011